About Us

The financial technology company DoFinance was founded in Latvia in 2016 and offers a web platform for mutual financial transactions, which with the help of innovative financial technologies provides an easy and smart way to invest available financial resources and make money without using traditional instruments - conservative bank deposits or risky transactions on the stock exchange.

DoFinance was founded to meet customer demand for investment services where customers can make their own investment decisions using the tools available on the platform. The investment is aimed at investing in loans to individuals from online lending companies in South-East Asia and Europe. As a result of the investment, the investor becomes a creditor to individuals who have received the loans.

Since the investment markets became regulated in 2021, DoFinance has also taken the course to become a regulated market participant and is currently operating in the field of company licensing to become an Investment Brokerage Company, which will also mean product switching. After that the investors will be able to invest in securities as opposed to acquiring the cessions.

DoFinance is working intensively to build partnerships with experienced European and Asian lending companies, which will significantly expand the range of products offered by DoFinance.

Following the licensing process, the level of investment protection for investments in the licensed company will also change. DoFinance will prepare a prospectus for the securities to be issued, which will contain all the information about the assets that back the securities.

After several years of very challenging periods, during which the cooperation with several Lenders was reorganized, DoFinance is very actively preparing for the moment of obtaining a license to be ready to immediately offer new products and opportunities to invest and earn money, being aware of the risks associated with investing. The 6 years of experience in the mutual loan market has provided DoFinance with a significant level of understanding of the opportunities and risks for future investments that will be profitable for investors.

In this regard, DoFinance has introduced Customer Compliance and Product Suitability Assessment, which will also allow each investor to be aware of and better understand the risks and benefits of investing in securities.

Our Team

The Alfa Finance Group currently has over 50 highly professional employees and each of us values transparency and empathy toward all stakeholders. Our management team combine a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds, brought together by our culture of constant development and pursuit of quality.

Jānis Kuļikovskis

Idea Generator
Keeping his finger on the pulse of the industry worldwide

Jānis is one of the company’s founders and investors and its idea generator with a global vision and his finger on the pulse of the latest trends in business and finance. Jānis has successfully worked and achieved notable successes all over the world in trade, manufacturing and the logistics industry all over the world, which has given him a thorough understanding of diverse businesses and cultures. Jānis has also developed an E-commerce start-up. Today, he is a shareholder and council member at one of Latvia’s most successful print media companies.

Jānis’ greatest contribution to DoFinance is his open-mindedness and desire to be different, to create original ideas and to organise a business model that is appropriate for the Western world, but which is also characterised by the tolerance that is a feature of business in Asia.

Viesturs Kuļikovskis

Co-Founder of DoFinance
Business and risk management integration

Viesturs is a one of company’s founders and investors. He has vast experience in the financial sector as a board member of the largest commercial bank in Latvia. Viesturs has been successful in developing several residential and commercial real estate projects in the Baltics and ecuring the backing of prominent international investors, including the Lehman Brothers Real Estate Fund, AFI Europe and others.

Viesturs’ ability to combine his knowledge of risk assessment and business development has been one of the keys to his success and allows DoFinance to provide secure and effective services to its clients.

Ingars Zagorskis

Solution Finder
Getting things done. He’s more of a doer than a talker

Ingars is a founder and acting Chief Executive Officer of DoFinance, helping it to become a top player in its field in Europe and Asia. Ingars used to work as marketing director for one of Europe’s leading payday loan companies, where he developed the marketing aspects of the firm from scratch. He has also been marketing director for an international bank that operates in the field of consumer lending.

Ingars is an active cyclist, and completing the Ironman Triathlon is on his bucket list. The excitement he gets from sport also helps to keep Ingars continually on the move and in a state of perpetual development in his work.

Niklāvs Macko

Chief Operating Officer

With 15 years of experience in finance, Niklavs has developed strong management skills and proved to be excellent in developing new products and business opportunities. Previously worked in one of the leading and fastest growing European fintech companies Twino as a CFO and later as a COO. In these roles Niklavs took part in building the company from a start-up level to an international corporation with 60 million EUR turnover in 5 years time. Currently responsible for finance and operations in Alfa Finance group and is best known between colleagues as the one who can convert complex ideas into simple actions.

When not at work, Niklavs enjoys spending time with his family, doing sports together or attending music concerts.