You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid e-mail address, valid documents (passport or identification card) and bank account within the European Union, Switzerland or any other country of the EEA, which is not included in the lists of high risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions or is not subject of international sanctions. For complete registration you will have to provide a national identification card (scanned or photographed both sides) or passport (scanned or photographed).

Yes, companies can register. When registering select the option "Company", fill in the form with the necessary information and upload the company registration certificate or extract from the company register.

There are no registration fees.

All you need to set up an investor’s account is valid documents and a personal bank account in European Union, Switzerland or any other country of the EEZ, which is not included in the lists of high risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions or is not subject of international sanctions. Completing the setup involves adding funds to your investor`s account by transferring funds from your private bank account. Detailed information on how to add funds will be sent to you by e-mail after registration, or you can find payment details in your DoFinance account under Summary / Add more funds.

It’s simple! In registration process first of all you have to transfer funds (even 10 euro) from your private bank account. Therefore we will know to which bank account we have to transfer your requested money in future. Also you can transfer funds using money transferring tools like Transferwise or PaySera, but first payment you need to transfer from your private bank account (exception is Revolut, from which also the first payment is accepted). Don’t forget to add the investor number in the payment description! You can find all the details about transfers in your DoFinance investor’s account under Summary /Add more funds.  

Money in an investor’s account belongs to investor and is held until investor decides to invest it or take it out. After the end of the investment, the money can be withdrawn or reinvested.

There are no transfer fees within the DoFinance platform to set up an investor’s account or invest. Your bank or money transfer service provider may charge additional fees for transfers. Please consult your bank or money transfer service provider to identify any money fees. 

You can easily access your money by logging in to your DoFinance profile. All available (not invested) funds can be transferred to your bank account at any time and all programs can be stopped. 

All investments at DoFinance are in euro. Therefore, transfers in euro can be carried out hassle-free. But if you want to transfer other currencies to your investor’s account, you can use a money transfer service. We suggest to use Transferwise, in order to reduce currency exchange risks + money transfer commissions.

Yes, it’s easy! You just need to make transaction from your new bank account and the platform will load the data automatically. 

There are 3 simple steps - register, add documents and add funds (starting from 10 euro). When you have added money in your investor's account, you can start investing. We recommend you to use some of DoFinance Auto Invest plans. The DoFinance automation tool creates an investment portfolio based on your preferred term, amount of money and interest rate. If you use the Manual Investment option, we suggest splitting your investment up into several loans, to diversify your portfolio.

There are no fees for investing.

There are no investment limits for individual investors. But in accordance with DoFinance Anti-money Laundering procedure, we will ask for some additional data to investors who will exceed 10 000 euro and 50 000 euro limits. 

You can choose to invest in loans with a term ranging from 1 day up to 60 months.

Auto Invest is free of charge and is an easy-to-invest, easy-to-manage and automation tool for diversifying your investment portfolio. Auto Investing means that a person entrusts the distribution of the money invested and the same investment in the DoFinance system. We recommend using Auto Invest if you invest bigger amounts as the system automatically divides the sum by 10-20 EUR into investments and invests in various loans. Profit interest rates in Auto Invest programs are 5%, 7%, 9% and 11%. When your Auto Invest term is finished, you get your invested money and plus the interests back into your investor account. If you want to reinvest your money, you need to choose new Auto Invest plan, and your money will be automatically reinvested in different loans until your Auto Invest term will finished again.

By using Auto Invest you can’t change max invest per credit. We are splitting 10-20 eur per credit.

A BuyBack guarantee is a guarantee issued by the loan originator to the investor for a particular loan. It confirms that the loan originator will repurchase the loan from investor if repayment of that particular loan is delayed. The BuyBack guarantee is applied for all loans in DoFinance system. It starts on the first day after the end date of the investment. We call it Instant BuyBack.


DoFinance offers you the chance to invest in short-term consumer loans and recommends using one of Auto Invest plans depending on your desired return rate, term and flexibility. 

BuyBack Guarantee is working immediately. For example, the loan is given for 30 days: in case of loan extension, loan originator buys it back instantly – on the 31st day. Actually, the investor might not even notice buyback guarantee kicking in as it happens the same moment loan is extended and continues reinvesting the money right away. We offer instant buyback guarantee. 

The profit on your investment depends on your selected investment plan. Profit rates range from 5% up to 11% per annum.    

We transfer principal and interest to investor’s DoFinance account immediately after end of investment program. But during investment program you can find amount of investment’s accumulated interest in Summary section.

9% and 11% programs include monthly interest repayment, which means that every 30 days after investment, investor automatically receives earned interest in his investor's account and can withdraw or reinvest them.

For all Auto Invest programs Auto Invest tool automatically reinvests all your invested principal amount, but option to reinvest the earned interests has applied only for 9% Auto Invest program.

It depends on your selected investment plan. With Auto Invest it’s possible to cancel all programs:

5% plan – you can receive your money 7 days after your request including accumulated interest.

7% plan – you can receive your money 30 days after your request with 5% interest or 60 days after your request including accumulated 7% interest.

9% and 11% plans – you can receive your earned interests each 30 days after investment (automatic monthly interest repayment) or principal amount 90 days after your request without interest.

If your account is less than 10 Eur, then you must transfer the entire amount at a time.

It is not possible to cancel investments that are made with the Manual Invest option.

It depends on your bank and can take up to two business days to complete.

In the event that the repayment of a loan is delayed, loan originator has got you covered with the BuyBack guarantee. This means that loan originator will pay you back the principal amount and accrued interest, thereby eliminating the risk of you losing your money. 

If the borrower repays the loan before the scheduled term, your earned amount will be calculated according to the scheduled loan repayment date and transferred to your investor’s account. In addition, you will receive a notification e-mail from us.  

DoFinance doesn’t tax accrued interest therefore investor receives full amount. In addition regarding taxes – profits earned in DoFinance are tax object and  by taking into account the legislation of the country where the investor is resident (for tax purpose perspective). Actions related with payment of taxes are on investor’s responsibility. At the end of the year we do provide account statement specifying interest received.

In order to minimize the risks for investors Alfa Finance group has several security measures:
   * all loans on DoFinance are covered with BuyBack guarantee. This means that, if the borrower is late in repaying a loan, loan originator will immediately pay you back the whole principal and accrued amount of interest.
   * Alfa Finance group investments in risk assessment tools has brought potential risks to minimum. Moreover, the Alfa Finance Group grants short-term consumer loans which also gives certain stability in the risk equation. Compared to long-term loans, it allows foreseeing trends much better. It is as simple – if there is a borrower who doesn’t pay back on time, we can easily prevent it from happening again. Thanks to that, we instantly see regularities, improve risk tools and score cards, therefore minimizing potential risks.
   * 10% of each loan amount invested by DoFinance investors remains in the balance sheet of the Alfa Finance Group 

For security reasons and to comply with data protection laws, we do not reveal the full names or addresses of borrowers.

DoFinance focuses on investing in short-term loans that can be issued to borrowers for different purposes – ranging from personal needs, like home improvement or wedding expenses to business needs, e.g. payment of invoices.  


If a loan is not repaid on time, loan originator has you covered with the BuyBack guarantee and will immediately pay you the outstanding investment principal and accrued amount of interest.


The security of your information and private data (as well as investment risk reduction) is one of our top priorities. DoFinance deploys organized data storage in accordance with the highest security standards and relevant Latvian legislation. 

Yes, all investors are anonymous.